Top Vlogs of 2022

Howdy all. Well it’s time to look over the last year and see which of my vlogs published in 2022 have proven the most popular – ie had the most views – ie therefore been the best by the way we judge things these days! Despite not leaving the country I managed to get out and about in 2022 and get a vlog up every single week which I’m pretty proud of. As I prepare this post, a week in advance, I have hit 520 subscribers.

It’s great to have finally passed the 500 mark but boy it’s been hard work too! I’ve seen channels start 2022 with – well they STARTED in 2022 or late 2021, and surpass 1000 or even 2000 subscribers and I will admit to getting disheartened at times. But sometimes you just have to keep going, things do move generally in the right direction and I keep the faith that if I put out the best videos I can and if I stay the course eventually I will hit 1000 subs.

In 2022 I put out 52 vlogs. Jeepers! That’s actually a lot when you think about it. 10 of those were episodes of ‘Melbourne Revealed’, others were flight reviews, hotel reviews (not my favourite thing to do but it keeps me supplied with content), a train review, a bus review, a look at Adelaide, Merimbula, Sydney, the Gold Coast, the Buchan Caves and hiking Australia’s highest mountain – Mt Kosciusko. Let’s look at the five most popular and therefore ‘best’ vlogs of the year (yes it’s a little tongue in cheek).

5/ The Most Beautiful Sports Ground in the World – Adelaide Oval!

Coming in fifth we have my visit to the Adelaide Oval, on a tour which took me into the changing rooms and the historic scoreboard which is well over one hundred years old. A must do for anyone vaguely into sports if you are in Adelaide!

4/ Secrets of Australia – Merimbula

You know, this one doing so well is a bit of a surprise, I wonder if adding the word ‘Secrets’ into the title boosted it a little because Merimbula, well it’s not THAT well known. Anyways, this was a great little relaxing getaway I had and although not packed with things to see and do, it brings back some happy memories.

3/ Travelling on the Overland Adelaide to Melbourne by Train

Okay so this one made me happy to see make the top five because of my love for train travel! This one and Adelaide Oval it must be said were published very early in the year (as was number 2) so they have had much longer to accrue views I should probably point out. My bus journey from Sydney to Melbourne didn’t make the list, it was published in the last three months but it’s also been doing very well.

2/ How to Get to Melbourne Airport by Public Transport

This one was one of my rare ‘how to’ videos, and I was a bit surprised it did quite as well as it did, but hopefully someone found it useful! Again, published early in 2022.

1/ Melbourne Revealed – Crown Casino

The only ‘Melbourne Revealed’ Episode to make it to the top five, my adventure at Crown Casino with Mr Adrian Valenta was my most watched vlog of 2022. Look, it wasn’t my favourite day to be honest but I suspected that going into the casino would produce a video that got a decent number of views. Can’t say I liked the place, it’s a bit eerie and the food at the food court was shocking. But hey, Adrian was on board and so fun was had!

Thanks for popping by today. Retrospectives of 2022 are nearly over, I think I might have one more up my sleeve as I might look at some vlogs from 2022 which need a bit more love. But of course there is a new adventure just around the corner in just over a week now – Dhaka to Dakar 2023. Touchwood. Very paranoid that something could still happen before I leave. If you haven’t see the trailer yet…

Thanks for popping by! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “Top Vlogs of 2022

  1. Wow, uploading a vlog everywhere seems like a lot of work, so congrats for keeping up with it! As you say, things usually move in the right direction so don’t get disheartened and keep doing what you enjoy! I hope 2023 is fantastic for you!

  2. Please don’t ever give up, your vlogs are excellent. I don’t know how it works, but I do know that YT is really competitive in recent years and it scares the bejaysus out of me, so I haven’t even tried!! So kudos to you for not only trying, but knocking a vid out a week. And really excellent quality videos at that. But I get really disheartened on other mediums, when I work my ass off and seem to get little in return while others who just copy content seem to soar high and fast. Grrr! Anyway, well done to you and all the very best in 2023.

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