Vlogs 2022 – Best of the Rest!

Howdy all. On Sunday I published a post going through the top five vlogs (as per you the viewer) of 2022. Today I wanted to draw attention to some that I thought were pretty good vlogs but didn’t get as much love as I thought/hoped they might! Enjoy!

5/ Scienceworks

This was a solo ‘Melbourne Revealed’ effort to what is a great place to spend a day, even take the kids, to visitors to Melbourne and residents of Melbourne alike. It’s a great interactive museum built on an historic site.

4/ Climbing Australia’s Highest Mountain, Mt Kosciusko

I really thought this one would garner a large number of views, I’m pretty proud of getting there anyways! I mean it’s done fine, but deserves I feel a little more love!

3/ A Crappy Day at Warner Brother’s Movie World

Maybe I should have called the video that. People love to see people having a crappy time!

2/ A Melbourne Revealed Visit to Werribee Mansion with Adrian!

This was honestly one of the best days of the year because I had so much fun! Surely the fun Adrian and I had rubs off on some viewers???

1/ Historic Trestle Bridge and Noojee, Victoria

Gippsland is just a wonderful part of Victoria and I got to see the beautiful Trestle Bridge, waterfalls and more including the almost elusive Ada Tree! Please shower a little more love on this one!

Well, there they are! Please if you have the time have a look at one or two of them, and if so inclined, would love you to subscribe! Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


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