8-Hour Road Trip From Thredbo to Melbourne!

Howdy all – today it’s a video I made taking me from Thredbo in Southern New South Wales back home to Melbourne in Victoria. I initially was considering breaking the trip on the way home, but in the end decided I would push on all the way in a single day, which was about 570 kilometres and took around 8 hours. Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


4 thoughts on “8-Hour Road Trip From Thredbo to Melbourne!

  1. I LOVE driving, but 8 hours… bloody amazing. Well done you. Going to watch some of your videos now… kids were on holiers and we went away a couple of times so I haven’t had the chance in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for letting me know about the comments on my blog, so happy to see its working again.

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