One of the World’s Longest Flights!

Howdy all! Well I’ve discovered another aviation YouTuber and today I’m sharing Dennis Bunnik’s experience flying Qantas all the way from London to Perth direct! Enjoy!

Take care! May the Journey Never End!

One thought on “One of the World’s Longest Flights!

  1. I remember when long-haul flights were only done using planes with 3 or 4 engines (DC-10s, 707s, 747s…). Now you see twin engine planes doing trans-Atlantic/Pacific routes. I recently flew Iberia 12 hours Madrid-Mexico city on a twin engine plane (an Airbus 350).

    Cool with all the changes in airline technology. But all the planes the same these days and I miss the big planes and the variety of planes you’d see on tarmacs around the world.

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