2 thoughts on “One of the World’s Longest Flights!

  1. I remember when long-haul flights were only done using planes with 3 or 4 engines (DC-10s, 707s, 747s…). Now you see twin engine planes doing trans-Atlantic/Pacific routes. I recently flew Iberia 12 hours Madrid-Mexico city on a twin engine plane (an Airbus 350).

    Cool with all the changes in airline technology. But all the planes the same these days and I miss the big planes and the variety of planes you’d see on tarmacs around the world.

    1. its true a lot of flights are done on A320s or 737s and they feel VERY samey. in some ways thats why despite the exterior i rather like the A380. The 747 was – and still is despite only being used by a tiny number of airlines – such an amazing beast. i miss it. thanks for commenting Frank

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