The Pearl of Adelaide – Seaside at Glenelg!

I enjoyed my time in Adelaide, Port Noarlunga, and Port Adelaide in December last year without a doubt. Just being able to travel about was really a highlight in itself. One place though that really stands out is Glenelg, Adelaide’s best known seaside suburb, a short tram ride from the centre of the city where I was surprised to actually find a few people – people had been hard to find in Central Adelaide straight after Christmas!

Well, some had headed to Port Noarlunga, and the rest, it seemed, to Glenelg, which is much close to central Adelaide. The tram ride is supposedly ‘famous’, but actually today it’s in a modern tram, there’s not that much visibility through the windows of the tram, and that part of the Glenelg experience is a bit of a non-event.

However, as soon as I stepped off the tram in Mosely Square I could see why people flock here. It’s a beautiful beachside spot indeed with lots of restaurants and bars, and between the square and the sea stood a Ferris Wheel, and so I decided straight away I was going to hop on it for a ride to check out the views.

I presume it’s a temporary Ferris Wheel, it doesn’t look like one that is up all year round, and for $13 it was…. A little overpriced? Still, I hopped on and soon I had a great view of the Glenelg beach, jetty and suburb.

The beach was really picture perfect, a white sand, there was an outdoor bar with loads of umbrellas, all black and white, there were people playing beach volleyball too, and others testing out the water, having a swim. The wheel stopped several times which a bit unnerving for me – not a fan of heights, but it really showed the suburb in a great light.

After that I walked to the end of the jetty, where more views were available. People fished, not sure they caught much, but it certainly was the right spot for if, albeit a bit of a windy one that day.

The Stamford Grand Hotel is actually a place I considered staying. I originally planned to go to Adelaide in September 2021 but borders were well shut and I had to delay it to December. Prices were about triple for December, clear to see why, and so that different eventuate. It was pumping when I was there, it has a little shopping strip inside it, and it also features the Art Deco style, which I absolutely love! So I was pretty happy about that! I wish I had the money to stay there but it just was too expensive to justify the expense.

I also checked out the amusement park (indoor) called ‘The Beach House’. There are plenty of games to play, dodgems, mini-golf and waterslides, so it looked like a LOT of fun! For the kids, I should add, although at 46 I am still not adverse to a waterslide! So much fun! I also had dinner at an Italian place, and it was fine but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The main feature of my afternoon and evening in Glenelg was to take a little sunset cruise out on the water. I went with Temptation Sailing, and whilst I was shoot my vlog, I actually interviewed one of the guys on the boat, but sadly the wind destroyed the audio completely and I couldn’t use it in the video. There’s a bar on board too, and it’s a beautiful spot to get on the water and look back at beautiful Glenelg. It was also a pretty busy boat as well, a bit of a boat for a little party or pre-party party if you know what I mean. But definitely recommended!

I felt like I had soaked up all the Glenelg I could for half a day, so I took the tram back to Adelaide’s centre and my hotel. But I had really had a great time, and would definitely recommend you spend at least a half day chillin’ in Glenelg if and when you visit Adelaide. Thanks for popping by today! Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “The Pearl of Adelaide – Seaside at Glenelg!

    1. I so wish I had stayed at that hotel. I researched it when I planned to go in September, before we had another wave of lockdowns, and it was less than 200 a night. But in the Christmas period it was double that and just beyond what I could justify spending.

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