Melbourne Revealed – The Great Moomba Disappointment of 2021!

Okay well, destination Melbourne has much more for the visitor when it’s festival time, and what I hear is Australia’s biggest community festival is MOOMBA, and earlier this year I decided to go into town to see what it was all about this year.

Now this year being 2020 meant that the main features of this festival – a huge parade in the city and the Birdman Rally when people try to fly as far across the Yarra River as they can after taking a running jump usually with some sort of costume or something else to help them fly, were cancelled in 2021 due to you know what. Never fear! The MOOMBA website said there were plenty of things happening around the city from live street art to a Lion Dance in China town and loads of music and buskers dotted about the place.

So I went in to hunt them down! But…. it was raining. And there wasn’t much going on to be frank. Then a major technical hitch occurred – I pulled the microphone jack out of it’s spot on the camera and didn’t put it back properly, losing audio for a bit of the video. I’ve had to work hard to complete something that works for you! And sometimes the best laid plans get stuffed up! But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the video!

Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


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