Secrets of Eurovision

Hi all! Today it’s Eurovision THURSDAY, and I want to take you behind the scenes a little. Two great songs today, which I have shown you before but today I want to show you how they were done. Sergey Lazarev in 2016 (Russia) presented the audience – on TV at least – with one of the most amazing uses of stagecraft seen at that time. To see how it was done perhaps take a little magic away, but I don’t think so. I spent years trying to work out how he did what he did, but honestly I’m still not 100% even after seeing the footage below.

This year Stephania from Greece sang one of my favourite songs from the competition. Some laughed that the effects were a little ‘retro’, but I still think it’s really cool that they did this LIVE. The dancers had green cloth over their face so couldn’t see what they were doing which is kudos to them. Interestingly, live they saw much of the song sung and performed in front of a green screen with cameramen moving around the stage. Not only is the dancing choreographed, but the camera movements would have had to have been too!

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you found these as cool and as interesting as I did! Take care and – May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “Secrets of Eurovision

  1. This is awesome! I didn’t watch the Eurovision in 2016 but I think I had seen the Russian performance – it is incredible!! Also, great post – I discovered amazing songs 😊

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