Travel Challenge – First Five Reveal

Here we are folks. Anyone who’s been wondering just where these photos we taken wonder know longer! The destinations are revealed!

Day One –

This is Turtle Rock at Terelj in Mongolia. Congrats to Hans who got this.

Day Two

Li River, China – a couple of people got this one! Nice Work!

Day Three

This one no-one got – it’s Hamilton Island, Queensland. it’s a genuinely beautiful spot!

Day Four

Back Roads and Other Stories got it – Trinity Street, Cambridge.

Day Five

Okay this caused a little conjecture – It is Auckland, New Zealand. Lookom well done! Sorry for thinking it would be easy folks! Looking at it before I put it up I thought the tower could be seen more easily.

How did you go? A new one next Friday! Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


14 thoughts on “Travel Challenge – First Five Reveal

  1. I’m with Diana on this one and got a grand total of ZERO correct. They’re actually quite hard to guess right! But I’m looking forward to the challenge for the remaining five!

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