A Beautiful Island – Shared with Rats!

Hi all. I have an Eva Zu Beck video for you. In this one she heads from the Yemeni Isle of Socotra to a smaller island with some other travellers. The island is truly beautiful, and most of the video shows that off rather than focusing on the rats. This is a common tactic though of vloggers and bloggers – I did the same thing – on focusing on what will raise eyebrows in the title. And the word ‘rats’ evokes and immediate reaction. I believe what they call it is ‘click bait’. Nevertheless I clicked and now I am sharing! And it is really beautiful there and yes there do appear to be rats there although interestingly you never see one. You do however see hundreds of footprints. Anyways do have a looksee and tell me what you think? Is she overplaying the rat situation for clicks?

Thanks for popping by this fine day – May the Journey Never End!


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