The Iraqi Travel Vlogger!

Hi all. Today I wanted to feature this amazing travel vlogger from Iraq. When one is on the tourist trail, when one can be I guess, you generally don’t meet a lot of travellers from Iraq, but Baderkhan Amer Badran is travelling the world and making a name for himself whilst he does it.

I have a confession – I found him through Drew Binsky, who interviewed him for one of his vlogs. I was taken immediately by his cheerful and bubbly nature and phrases such as ‘No, I’m a TOURIST, not a terrorist’. His positivity and enthusiasm is something we could all do with in years like this one!

He generally vlogs in Arabic, and YouTube haven’t come to the party with closed captioning/subtitles unfortunately, however he does use English too mostly when chatting to locals. I’ve selected a few videos I think are well worth taking a little look at! Mostly from his African travels – sadly he has had a few visa issues travelling around and has been denied entry to a few places based on his passport. But he is really an inspiration with an amazing attitude and the way he connects and does his country proud. The world could do with more Baderkhans!

This one sees him go to Pretoria – quite a few interactions in English here. Great video!

Thanks for dropping by! Please check out his channel! May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “The Iraqi Travel Vlogger!

  1. I do appreciate you sharing lesser-known travel vloggers, especially from countries not in the Western world. It’s especially fascinating to see people from countries with weaker passports brave the journey all the same, and it really goes to show that we shouldn’t take our privilege of travel for granted!

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