Seville – Through My Lens Part One

Howdy all, I hope this post finds you well. Today it’s a photographic look at one of my new favourite destinations in Europe, in southern Spain, Seville. I took a lot of photos of this amazing place, so I’ve decided I would split them into two posts.

Today is the first, and concentrates on the first two days I spent there last year. I visited the Plaza de Toros, which is the Bullring first thing after checking into my hotel. The next day saw me visit the Iglesia del Divina Salvador (Church of the Devine Saviour), the magnificent Seville Cathedral, and the Hospital de Venerables. Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


12 thoughts on “Seville – Through My Lens Part One

  1. This brought back so many lovely memories! From the amount of blog posts about it on my blog, it’s safe to say that Seville is one of my favourite cities in Europe, and one that I would love to go back to many times! Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. I visited Seville almost three years ago, and despite the short day I had there, I thoroughly enjoyed its beauty. Plaza de España is STUNNING, along with the Real Alcázar. The architecture is a blend of classic Spanish and Moorish styles, which makes Seville (as well as the Andalusia region) so distinctive of Spain. Plus, the famous tapas in town certainly didn’t hurt! Thanks for evoking the memories for me once more, Andy!

  3. A beautiful and fascinating city with the most awe-inspiring cathedral I’ve ever seen. Great dining scene too, mostly walkable from the center of town. Not too large, but large enough to keep us busy for a few days. Nice article. Thanks.

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