Seville, Colour & Movement – Through My Lens (2)

Hi all – a couple of weeks ago I presented the first couple of days of pics from Seville for you – you can see them here – Seville Through Our Lens Part One. Today I continue with more photos from a destination that I can say was our favourite city of our trip last year. Yes, a year ago today we were still travelling! In Europe! Those were the days…

Today there are more shots from being out and about in Seville. There’s also a look at the incredible Alcazar Castle – which I am planning a post on – the Casa Pilatos and the Monasterio Santa Luisa de las Cuevas. And I haven’t forgotten the imposing, impressive yet garish Plaza de Espana. So many places – enjoy!

Thanks as always for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!

6 thoughts on “Seville, Colour & Movement – Through My Lens (2)

  1. Cities in Spain began their contemporary development phase a little later than other European countries, so they have learned to keep their old centres and value them, while building modern neighbourhoods separately. Great pics!

  2. Plaza de España and the Real Alcázar are definitely the highlights of Seville! Both are stunning in their sweeping beauty, and they were a “real” treat to check out when I went almost four years ago (“real”= Real Alcázar, get it?). Haha, all the same, I enjoy this travel snapshot from you!

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