Travel Bloggers from All Parts of the Globe!

Howdy all. As with last Sunday, I am reintroducing you to the brilliant travel bloggers who participated in my interview series in the second part of last year. This week we have bloggers based in Spain, Japan, Nigeria, New York/Tasmania and Los Angeles. Some have a more local story to tell, some mix food with travel, and some prefer slow travel rather than cramming as much in as possible in a short space of time. One thing I can tell you – they are all OUTSTANDING travel bloggers!

Irish Eyes in Japan – Interview with Lynda Hogan from ‘In Saitama’

I’ve been following Lynda’s amazing blog now for a number of years. She is based in Saitama in Japan and this really is the most comprehensive blog for travelling the region as you will find ANYWHERE on the blog. Lynda has children too and a lot of her posts are geared towards people with children and places that are good for kids as well as adults.

Travel and Taste – An Interview with Katie from ‘The Frugal Foodies’

I started following the ‘Frugal Foodies’ not too long ago, over a year now actually, but it seems like less time I think. A great combination of travel and food to be found on this brilliant blog, Katie does a great job answering my questions. She hails from the States, and her partner, Jeremy, also partner in the blog, is from Tasmania!

Rebecca from ‘Rebecca Goes Rendezvous’

Rebecca’s blog is one I started reading in 2020. It’s a fun blog with information from the States, France and elsewhere. Rebecca has a great positivity about her and this comes through in bucketloads in her blog, very glad that I discovered this one!

Frank from the Adventures of BBQ Boy & Spanky

I have been following the Adventures of Frank and Lissette, from Canada, for years now. They are experts in ‘slow travel’ and love to settle down somewhere and explore around. They lived for I think over a year in Croatia, and most recently have moved to Spain. Frank is the ‘gold standard’ I think to running a successful monetized blog without EVER compromising content (ie reviewing products and the like) and I can’t recommend his blog enough!

Amarachi from ‘Travel With a Pen’

Last, but certainly not least today is Amarachi, who hails from Nigeria but as I write this post (somewhat in advance) is in Kenya. It’s brilliant to see so many travel blogs penned by people from Africa, and Amarachi’s is utterly brilliant! Again, a fantastic positive attitude exudes in her work!

Thanks for popping by and please do check these guys out. There are still more blogs to recommend to you, so come back next Sunday for more! May the Journey Never End!


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