Discover More Travel Bloggers & Vloggers!

Howdy all. Today I thought I would take the chance to go back over some of the blogger interviews I did in the last part of 2020 for you. Maybe you read them all, maybe you missed a few, or maybe you want to read them all again! So anyways, it would be outrageously unfair for me to pick and choose interviews to highlight, so instead over this and next couple of Sundays I will try and get through them all for you.

It’s a pretty cool community all said, and through travel blogging I have met some amazing people who share similar interests to me. Of course, some are vloggers, not bloggers and some are both. So if you are interested at all in travel blogging/vlogging do check out these blogs because they are run by amazing people who have been to some amazing places!

Rochelle Knight – Jamaica’s Number 1 Travel Blogger!

Rochelle Knight, as you might imagine, is a travel blogger from Jamaica. She highlights some of the most beautiful parts of Jamaica from waterfalls to beaches, hotels and so much more! She writes in an extremely engaging and positive way.

Blogger Interview – Mrs Wayfarer Exploring the World from the Philippines!

Marielle is from the Philippines and as such her blog is full of posts about the Philippines and the other many countries she has visited. A great blog with regular posts, Marielle is friendly and has been to heaps of places. You will also get a real insider’s look on the Philippines and places that the guide books won’t tell you about!

Exclusive Interview with Intrepid Vlogger Gino Pop!

Gino Pop is one of the few people I’ve actually met in person. He vlogs regularly and has also been to a wide variety of places. He’s from Romania but also lives at times in the US, and also does photography in a professional capacity from time to time. He’s always got a positive attitude and lives by his catch phrase – ‘Let Gratitude be the Only Attitude’!

Coffee & Travel – An Interview with Jessica from ‘I’ve Bean Travelling!’

Jess hails from Canada and as you can imagine, she has melded two passions of hers together for the sake of her blog – coffee and travel! This doesn’t mean her posts are limited in any way, she covers a lot of international destinations whilst also writing about coffee and places where you can get coffee when travelling!

So there we have FOUR amazing bloggers, with more to come in the next few weeks. Please check these guys out because they are simply AMAZEBALLS! Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “Discover More Travel Bloggers & Vloggers!

  1. I follow all of them but Gino Pop (looks like I’ll have to check out his blog now!). I agree they’re all awesome travel bloggers, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all that they’ve posted. Can’t wait to see more bloggers introduced, Andy!

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