Jaisalmer – Forts and Camels

Howdy all. Jaisalmer is the incredible ‘Golden City’ in the desert, Western Rajasthan not far from the Pakistan border. It’s quite the magical place and has an historic fort that overlooks the entire city. And it’s also the starting point for a camel trek, which is the main reason many travellers make there way out to Jaisalmer.

I’ve compiled a short video for you guys and hope you enjoy it. The footage has been sitting on my hard drive for quite a while now. I’ve still more stuff to come from India (2018) and Sri Lanka also. Also I recently realised I hadn’t done anything with a lot of my footage from 2011, where I feel like I actually did better with filming and chatting as compared to last year and more recently in general.

So it was on Mini DV tape, and I couldn’t get my computer to talk to the Sony Camera so I have sent eight tapes to the Gold Coast (!) to be converted into mp4 files that I can edit and paste together to show you some of – Cameroon, China, Japan, the UK and Georgia. Frankly I’m pretty excited actually because this is stuff I had totally forgotten about and there is some great footage in there. I can’t wait to get it back (I imagine it will be at least a month) and get to work on this! perfect stuff to do in lockdown.

Meanwhile, enjoy today’s video – I’ve been playing with video stabilisation in Adobe and I can’t say the results are always great, if it wobbles strangely at a couple of points, that’s why!

Have you been out to this city? Or taken a camel trek? Would you do it again? Please drop me a comment! Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


3 thoughts on “Jaisalmer – Forts and Camels

  1. Jaisalmer and Udaipur were our favourite places in Rajasthan. We went on a half day camel safari and it was really nice, although the camels are sooo uncomfortable to ride. Not sure we’d do a camel ride again, but once for a half day was good.

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