Around Melbourne – Chapel Street and Chapel Street Bazaar

chapel st bazaar banner copyHi all. Today just a short little ‘peep’ into a part of Melbourne, into the area of Chapel street, which stretches from the suburb of Windsor to Prahran and South Yarra. It’s a popular strip stretching from the Princes Highway to South Yarra, and you’ll see it change bit by bit as it goes from a road with lots of op shops, it’s funky and ‘cool’ (for want of a better word) but also a little grungy. In a good way.

Actually, Chapel street is longer and runs down until Elwood, but when people talk about Chapel street, the shopping, the market and restaurants, cafes, op shops and the like, they are usually talking about the stretch from the Princes Highway to South Yarra.

prahran-marketPrahran is a transitional sort of suburb. It has a wonderful market well worth visiting, loads of shops – including the Chapel Street Bazaar. I love this place. It’s full of little stalls, usually unmanned (you pay at one singular counter) and you can find all manner of bric-a-brac there. I went there last week hunting records, but there is so much to find and explore, you could lose yourself in its walls for hours!

Looking for movie memorabilia? Well you’ll find it here. Clothes? Heaps of clothes! Record players? Radios? Old film cameras? Lamps? Collectables? (by the truckload) and so much more. And the things are often really quite old (in an antique/interesting sort of way) we are talking 50 or more years old in many instances.Astor-outdoor-1-1100x700

Another feature on Chapel street but just off this strip is the Astor Theatre, where they regularly have double bills and play a lot of old movies. It’s an old cinema and well worth a visit – you’re going to have to see a film to visit it, I should say. I’m going to try and see something in the coming weeks to post about the place.chapel st

On the other end you have South Yarra, and things are quite upmarket here with lots of restaurants and fine dining opportunities. Op Shops give way to fashion houses (well, shops with labels). And most but certainly not all of the late-night nightlife can be found up here.

Transport – trams go up and down the street from early to very late, and the train line is just off Chapel street with a stop for each of South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor (Sandringham line). From South Yarra by train to Flinders Street in the CBD it’s around 5 minutes by train, South Yarra being the closest part to the city. Basically it’s all very accessible.chapel st 1

And so concludes another ‘Around Melbourne’. I do recommend Chapel street to visitors, you could certainly lose a day exploring it, enjoying its many food options from all over the planet and then finding a night spot into the wee hours. It’s a great part of Melbourne! May the Journey Never End!

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