Khiva in Pictures

Hi all, and welcome to another week. We’re starting with a visual post this week, looking at the highly photogenic city if Khiva in Uzbekistan. I stayed for only two nights, and was surprised by the number of tourists there at that time of year. It’s an old city in surprisingly good condition, due in part to things being in use continuously over the centuries I guess and no doubt the government has more recently chipped in to making the place look almost pristine in spots.

Twin Minaret view

There’s a large city wall which you can walk part the way around, a few mosques including the very different and beautiful Juma Mosque with its wooden interior and glass ceiling in the centre which lets in the light in a simply beautiful way, and of course there are a number of minarets around the town too which Khiva is famous for. And I was lucky enough to visit a shrine/mausoleum whilst two weddings were being photographed. So it was a special, if short stay in Khiva.

Kalta-Minor Minaret
Juma Mosque
Inside the Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum
Inside the Kunye Ark Citadel
Tash Khauli
Roof decoration in Tash Khauli
Sellers in front of the Islam Khodja Minaret

Where did you get that hat

Old coins in a Museum
More crazy hat fun
Minaret through the glass ceiling of the Juma Mosque
Madressa Facade
Long corridor in one of the museums

Ferris wheel sneaking above the city walls

Thanks for stopping by today – and May the Journey Never End!

7 thoughts on “Khiva in Pictures

  1. Khiva is spectacular. Two days is enough to see it all. I was lucky enough to stay for four days, and walked through lots of neighborhoods in the old city and in the newer areas. Did you like it more than Samarkand or Bukhara?

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