More Porto and the Beginning of the End!

Right now I am sitting on the train on my way back to Lisbon, this is the first journey of a few that will take me back home to Melbourne. It’s been a serious sort of trip, non-stop for the most part and not the way I will approach my next getaway, it’s been rewarding, challenging, and by gosh – it’s nearly over. Tomorrow I’ll be off to the airport! Hard to believe. And can I say something odd, I’m looking forward to being home! And all that entails!

Yesterday in Porto we visited, surprise surprise, a bunch of places. I think the Porto Cathedral was the most interesting of the churches we went into in Porto. They are all pretty much set up the same, in that there is a charge to see the church, but it also comes with building attached which contain chapels, artefacts (amusingly referred to as ‘treasure’). In this case, there were cloisters and a bunch of rooms to see, so I would have to say it was quite worthwhile.

We also took a tour of the Teatro Nacional de Sao Joao, which was kind of cool looking at all the back stage and above stage areas, and the auditorium was nice too.

The city of Porto is built on both sides of the Douros River, and although we had crossed the Luis I Bridge before, yesterday the weather and view was much clearer. We waled across the top part this time next to the metro trains crossing frequently. This was to get to the other side to take the cable car – the Teleferico. This headed down over rooves which actually was a little nerve-wracking for me who isn’t the world’s biggest fan of heights. But great views! And then we had a free sample of port on the ground – so we thought ‘why not’? Our last taste of Port in Porto!

Earlier in the day we visited the beautiful Jardim de Cristal and the Romantic Museum – a ye olde house decked out as it might have been 150-200 years ago when an Italian King was in exile there. Actually, he died after just a couple of months. The gardens and house were really quite beautiful.

Today it’s been a strange start to the journey home. The train was late, then people were given the information and everyone had boarded the train on the wrong carriages and so were walking up and down the train to find where they were supposed to be. Not a lot of room to move and it took a long time to straighten out. But we were off and now only a short distance from Lisbon!

I will try and check in before I land back in Melbourne. One night left in Europe! Thanks for reading and May the Journey Never End!

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