Three Spots on Sunday – in the Mountains

A new idea for a Sunday post – thematically linking three spots for various reasons. You’ll see as I do a few more of these what I mean! And today’s theme is ‘mountains’. And so I am writing about three mountain spots I went to in vastly different parts of the world, in fact in three different continents – South America, Asia and Europe!

I went to all three in warmer times of the year, so I didn’t see them snow-covered, but they were all absolutely stunning when I was there! And so firstly, in South America, it’s Bariloche.

Small lake near Bariloche

When I first saw pictures of Bariloche, I must admit, that was all it took to get me to decide to go there. San Carlos de Bariloche is the full name of the town in Argentina’s Northern Patagonia region, not all that far from the Chilean border and a long long bus ride from Buenos Aires.

Main Square Bariloche

The town is a little touristy and doesn’t have all that much to recommend it, but the greater area is covered in hiking trails, chair lifts, and quite a few lakes as well. It feels quite European in its way, and in some ways it reminded me of parts of Victoria as they used to be with unsealed roads and holiday houses. When I was there – November 2016 – it was cool but not cold, and I think it was pretty much clear skies for the four days I was there. It’s a glorious spot!

The ‘shack’ at Altyn Arashan
Altyn Arashan

Altyn Arashan is another European-looking spot in the mountains near Karakol in Central Asia’s Kyrgyzstan. So, if Bariloche is a place you consider remote, consider Altyn Arashan. Such a beautiful spot in the mountains – a little village, I stayed in a house with no electricity there. There was a hit spring there, and it seemed to be the meeting point of several tracks up the mountains. Not many people live there, they seem to move sheep through there to graze, and getting there is half the fun needing a 4WD unless you hike (which takes most of a single day). So, it’s really remote! In fact from there I think you can hike to a glacier!

Third today is Stary Smokevic in the Tatra Mountains, in northern Slovakia near the Polish border. A great little place with loads of chair lifts and again, many hiking trails. I hiked up to the top of a mountain which was great. Hiking down? Less great! The sky was overcast whilst I was there, it rained and so the weather didn’t match it with the other two places, but it was still very much worth visiting!

So – what are your favourite mountain spots? Please do comment! And…. May the Journey Never End!

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