Little Places – Copacabana, Bolivia

Ahhh I need to post something about somewhere that wasn’t on my recent trip to India and Sri Lanka! But what to post? Ahhhh yes, I’ve written about it before, but why not Copacabana. Bolivia that is. Because I don’t think I could possibly classify the glitzy beachside suburb of Rio as a ‘Little Place’.

But Copacabana certainly is. It sits on Lake Titicaca, fun fact: the largest lake by volume in South America. So how about that then? Copacabana is sort of down the southern part of the lake, land juts out and almost makes two lakes – one much bigger than the other. But not quite and so to continue on to La Paz and south into Bolivia (Copacabana is JUST over the border from Peru) vehicles need to take a short ferry ride, which is actually kind of cool.

Bus to La Paz on a ‘ferry’.

The altitude is a somewhat high 3,800ish metres above sea level. So, it can certainly affect you and you may not want to go running around up and down the hills. It’s not a flat town really, so if you’re not adjusted to the altitude, walking up hills can take your breath away a bit. Literally.

A common restaurant item in Copacabana.

What do I recommend Copacabana for, and well, basically, did I like it? Well firstly to answer the second question, yes I did like it. There is a caveat that it is without a doubt a tourist town. Main street is covered in agencies, guesthouses and restaurants. The restaurants are okay, but all very similar with a decent range of dishes, a lot of pizza.

I stayed at Hostal La Cupula, which was pretty cheap and an excellent place to stay. It had gardens, a very decent restaurant, as well as a kitchen to cook in for guests. It made my stay there a positive one. Spending time taking in sun in the garden, overlooking the lake (stunning view) with lamas chewing grass a few metres away? Priceless!

The town itself is okay. It’s not special, although there’s an interesting, if small, market and a church. The spot on the lake is what makes it a great location, and you can take cruises on said lake, and visit Isla del Sol by boat. I went for a day for hiking, but there are plenty of little villages out there with loads of accommodation options.

There isn’t much to do in town. You can explore the local area further. Or you can just relax and enjoy the location before moving on to a much busier place, be it Peru or La Paz or wherever. For me, Copacabana was undoubtabley a great ‘Little Place’! May the Journey Never End!

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