Pushkar and Across the Desert

Thursday 15th March

A day trip to Pushkar was the order of the day. I was pretty impressed by on time trains as I headed to this holy town for Hindus, and popular hangout place for travellers.

I’d visited in 1999 but had no real photos of Pushkar or much memory. There is a small lake that is surrounded by ghats – special steps that lead to the lake. People bathe in the water, it’s a real holy site.

The bazaar has a lot for the tourist to buy, and stretches the entire length of the lake and a little more. It’s a very relaxed place (but also with the hassles you can expect in any touristed place in India), a place where travellers tend to come to relax and do very little. It’s a strange mixture of religion and place to chill. I had to take the train to Ajmer and then a bus to Pushkar. The train was just over 2 hours and the bus another half hour.

Friday 16th March

A less exciting day spent relaxing. Reading, swimming in the hotel pool, my last chance for a while to do ‘nothing’ and just relax. And prepare for the long train journey that lay ahead the next day.

Saturday 17th March

Train journey to Jaisalmer. Arrived with plenty of time for my train at Jaipur station. A twelve hour journey lay ahead. However, I had more time than I had planned for. It was unclear when the 1110 Ranikhet Express was due, boards gave conflicting information, however it turned up at 1340, two and a half hours late.

Why? Who knows? It was due in Jaisalmer at 23.15. So that meant well after midnight for the arrival. Comfortable enough, it was a long long journey, much of it sadly after night had fallen and there wasn’t much to see.

At shortly before 2am we trundled into Jaisalmer Station. The long journey had finished. I was picked up and taken to my hotel and went straight to bed. Sunday was to bring a new adventure…


May the Journey Never End!

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