Into India

Ajmeri Gate

Hi folks. I’ve decided what I will do is, make the blogs a bit of a journal of my day to day activities whilst I’m on this trip. So, every few days I will post an update of the previous few days. Just a short summary, I keep a full handwritten journal as some may know from previous posts.

Monday March 12th


It’s been a day of opposites. I took time to relax at my hotel at KLIA. I wish I could have stayed another night so the thought of getting to KLIA2 and packing was far from my mind. Still, the short time I had by the pool surrounded by palm trees and greenery, with little waterfalls and very few people, was simply heaven.

Then the craziness of KLIA2. I visited it first shortly after it opened. Today it is incredibly busy. There was a fair wait to check in, and there are just so many people here. I mean the lines for security are seriously daunting. I have around 90 minutes for my flight to Jaipur, if all goes well. So I need to think about heading through the security check for the gates.

Tuesday 3rd March

After arriving yesterday evening, late, and watching the customs officials having a devil of a time getting finger prints from people passing through, I woke today and decided that I would try and see as much of Jaipur as I could. Last time I’d missed so much, so I had a bit to make up for.

Giant Sundial at Jantar Mantar

Not far from my hotel I found an autorickshaw driver to take me out for the day. We passed through the Ajmer Gate, and then headed to the City Palace, a stunning opulent place. Opposite that was the Jantar Mantar, originally an observatory from the 18th century and now a sort of astrological theme park. Which was kinda nice and features a giant sundial which can predict the time to within two second apparently.

Climbing to the Amber Fort
Water Palace

I’d visited the Royal Gaitor on my last visit, but still it was pretty impressive this time around. I walked until I was basically sick up the hill in the heat to get to the Amber Fort, and after that I stopped by to the see the Water Palace (Jal Mahal) and the Hawa Mahal – an impressive building and the image is often used to represent Jaipur. I was so so done I returned to my hotel and chilled the whole night.

Hawa Mahal

Wednesday 4th March

Today I took it pretty easy for the most part. I had a swim and a relax in and by the pool at my hotel, before heading out into the city. I needed to organise train tickets for tomorrow, so I went to the train station and got tickets to Ajmer (for Pushkar) and back as tomorrow’s day trip.

Jaipur view from Monkey Temple

Then I found myself hiking up another big hill to see the Monkey Temple. There sure were plenty of monkeys, but they didn’t seem very interested in the humans – just each other. The temple was small, but the views across Jaipur were fantastic. That’s pretty much a summary of my day, I’m heading out for dinner shortly!

So… a quick summary of the last three days. Come back soon for the next instalment, and, may the Journey Never End!

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