Airports, Airlines, Queues, Disorientation – the First Day of a Trip

The following post was written at various points of the day on the 11th of March, 2018 as I begin my latest trip.

I’ll complete the blog later but right now I’m writing from my first flight of the journey, on Scoot Flight 109 Melbourne to Singapore. I am in Business Class – Scoot Biz, which isn’t a full Business Class but it’s a jump from economy in the right direction.

I got the seat by ‘bidding’ on it – they sent an email out, other airlines do it to, and I bid the minimum bid for fun ($150AUD) and I got it! So it’s been a comfortable flight, basically on time. The previous night was hot in Melbourne and I didn’t sleep well. I’ve had a bit of sleep on this flight though which is great. And the space is the thing – so much more space – stretch my legs, relax, plenty of room for my small laptop etc.

The airport experience was, you know, it’s an international airport that’s not big enough for the volume of flights, so things feel cramped and the lines through immigration are somewhat arduous. There’s a little screen as you enter immigration estimating how long it will take. It said 10 minutes. This was not accurate it must have taken 45 minutes. People cutting the queue too at every opportunity. I have to be honest – this really gets to me. In Australia at least, I’d better have a relaxed attitude to it in India!

Anyways, I’ve 90s minutes until the first flight is over, thought I’d share!

And into the second flight now, TR466 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. And now we are in descent to Kuala Lumpur – it’s only a 50 minute flight so you know, you’re ascending then you’re descending before you know it. I’m back in economy which is a bit of a come down. Not that impressed with SCOOT for a variety of reasons dating back to the whole ‘cancelling my flight’ thing. I haven’t got the seat I booked, on either flight. The service has honestly been a bit cold. There’ll be a complete SCOOT Review once I am back in Australia.

Anyhoo, it’s been a day that despite a few minor frustrations which seem bigger than they are as I am pretty freaking tired, that has mostly gone pretty smoothly. Except the insistence that during take off and landing we can’t wear headphones. I was told this is in case the captain needs to give the order to evacuate. If we need to evacuate, I’m sure I’ll realise and take off the headphones.

1014pm Malaysian Time

And now… the day is done. Well, just about. I made it to my hotel room, the Sama-Sama at KLIA. I arrived at KLIA2 which confused me as I understood it was Terminal 2 at KLIA but hey, whatevs right? I took a train to KLIA and a short buggy ride and here I am. The minibar is expensive but I took a drink nonetheless. The hotel is expensive too, and pretty pretty nice. I only paid $75 through various discounts though, so I’m smiling ear to ear. I survived the day and it’s time for a bath and sleep. I look forward to the rest of my adventure – and I hope you will follow it on my blog! India tomorrow evening!

Take care – May the Journey Never End!

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