Gippsland, Rain, Victoria and Almost Camping

How’s it all going wherever you are in the world? Down here in Victoria, Australia, well, the weather is doing it’s best to be very unpredictable.  Melbourne has a reputation for dishing out ‘four seasons in one day’, and it’s a reputation well deserved. Temperatures go up and down like a yoyo, especially in Summer,

Last week we had a steaming 36 degrees on Thursday, followed by a sweltering night, a Friday where we had blasts of rain and it got to around 30 degrees, in the evening the temperature plummeted to below 20 in a short space of time.

And then Saturday. This was my filming day. We’d been planning to film a story set in a campsite. A couple of weeks earlier I had taken the car out to Gippsland, the greenest part of Victoria an hour and a half from Melbourne.

The same sign that the farm always had

I’d been looking for a place to shoot, and this area was somewhat familiar to me. My parents had co-owned a farm many years ago now near the town of Neerim South. I’d driven past it and driven along some old country roads and then headed into the bush (forest) and found myself on roads that were probably better suited to four-wheel drives than my little car.

The area has dense, beautiful forest with ferns mixed in with gum trees. I found a location for filming in the midst of that forest, but in the end I decided we would film at a dedicated caravan and camping ground a bit closer and more accessible for the six of us heading out that way.

By chance I had spotted and checked out Glen Cromie Caravan Park. It was gorgeously green, actually the whole region was which in Summer is no mean feat, with a kiosk, power, covered shelters, BBQs and of course conveniences. It seemed a much better fit for the story than a spot in the middle of nowhere, so I settled on there.

I was planning on staying the night as were a couple of others, however a few days out from the 13th the weather forecast was looking ominous. There was some serious rain on the way. Still, a lovely spot, and a little inclement weather never stopped us before. If it was bad enough, I could just return home at the end.

It turned out to be the right call. Clearly. We arrived in patchy sunlight. The place was a little like a postcard, and the lady behind the counter was very friendly. There’s a creek surrounding the fields and there’s plenty of tracks for walking and space for tents and caravans. A mix of powered and non-powered sites.

We got to filming. It was great fun. Shortly after 3pm we got the first big down pour. And thus the day ended up a continuation of this. Off, on it rained, it poured, it stopped, it started again. We had shelter and we had a BBQ dinner. It was the right choice of location!

Filming at a campsite. In the rain. Cast photo

Yeah. We got soaked. But it was a lot of fun in a wonderful location. And yes, I drove home to my own, warm and dry bed. But what a day! Have you ever had time away with bad weather – but really it didn’t matter? Please comment! And May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “Gippsland, Rain, Victoria and Almost Camping

  1. Singapore weather have been quite unpredictable lately too…its been raining with very cold weather and suddenly we would get bright sunny weather like today…good thing you still had a lot of fun regardless of the weather! 😄

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