Dubai – Through My Lens

This week’s photographic remembrance is taking me back to Dubai where I was 7 – 8 years ago. There are malls galore, with the most incredible attractions – like Ski Dubai, inside the Mall of the Emirates which is a ski resort with lifts and more and snow of course. Then there was another with an aquarium, one with an ice rink and one with this amazing man-made waterfall.

The waterways of Dubai are great to take a boat on and there’s a very good museum as well, and there are some incredible post-modern buildings, but, my favourite part was the Wild Wadi Waterpark with so many waterslides you hardly know what to do with yourself! Enjoy!

Wild Wadi Water Park.
Water feature in mall.

Souk Dubai

Ski Dubai
Entering Wild Wadi Water Park.
Burj Arab Building at Night.
Burj Khalifa
Ice Sculpture in Ski Dubai.
Inside a mall, an ice skating rink.
Downtown Dubai.
Dubai buildings and water.
Jumeirah Building Dubai
Museum in Dubai
Dubai getting built – and the Burj Khalifa on the left.
Dubai Metro.

Ski Dubai.
Dubai Waterways.
An Aquarium in a Dubai Mall.

Thanks for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!

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