Travel Itineraries – Slovenia

I’ve been going through all my posts lately and putting them in ‘country’ pages, and I realised I haven’t blogged much at all about Slovenia (amongst quite a few countries I’ve been to). So I thought I’d address that. Starting today with my itinerary through Slovenia.

I should point out from the very start that it was only about ten days. So only a short time in this ex-Yugoslavian country, with a tiny strip of Mediterranean coast boarding Italy, Croatia, Austria and a little bit of Hungary.

Rough route through Slovenia. Went through Ljubljana from Koper to Bled. from maps of europe dot net.

I didn’t visit the north-east at all, rather sticking to the more frequented of towns. It still was a very worthwhile stay. I took trains mostly, I think there was the odd bus or two thrown in. I entered from Zagreb, actually making a connection there I had started in Sarajevo. I exited from Lake Bled north to Austria.

Central Ljubljana.

I began in Ljubljana. This is the Slovenian capital and is just west of the exact smack centre of the country. It’s not a huge city, quite traversable by foot, but it is really a very charming place. I spent three nights here. I heard a bit of jazz playing, I wandered the street, I checked out a few cathedrals and I went up the hill to the castle which presides over the city – Ljubljana Castle.

Canal/river in Ljubljana.

It’s an interesting place woven around rivers/canals. I went on a bit of an art museum hunt whilst I was there – that’s probably because that’s what Lonely Planet had listed – and saw, all in all, too much modern art. But I still really liked the city.

Quiet Koper street,

I then headed down to the Mediterranean Coast. I took the train down to Koper, which is a quiet little town (well maybe not anymore) on the coast. It rained on the way down but after the first night the weather was warm and sunny every day.

Boats waiting at Koper.

It’s a great place to explore on foot but it’s not going to ‘wow!’ you, but then it’s hard not to like. I stayed four nights there. One day for Koper, one day to take a boat out along the coast to Izola, and then one day to the Skocjan Caves.

Coast from the boat.
Beach at Izola.

Izola is perhaps a similar coastal town in some ways, it seemed smaller however it was the place for the beach. Not a huge beach area, nevertheless I was able to relax and catch some rays (NOT something I do frequently) and just relax. The boat took a little while too – maybe 30-40 minutes, and that was a great way to see the coast.

Inside the Skocjan Caves.

The Skocjan Caves are one of Slovenia’s top tourist attractions, and are pretty fantastic. I got myself there and back, I think there was a train followed by quite a little walk through beautiful countryside to get there. The caves are huge and there are tours through them frequently, but I remember having to wait a little while to get a spot. It’s really worthwhile.

Church on island on Lake Bled.
Castle over Lake Bled.

My final stop in Slovenia was in the other main tourist hub of Bled, on the shores of Lake Bled. There’s a stunning lake with a church on an island. It’s a great outdoor area. It has a track around the lake for walking or cycling and there are hikes to do as well in the area.

Vintgar Gorge.

Like to the Vintgar Gorge. A stunning riverside walk, mostly on a wooden path at times extended over the river. Then there’s a small waterfall as well. The walk through the countryside to get there is also really pretty – Slovenia in the warmer months is green and just so beautiful.

Another place that I KNOW I missed a fair bit out of, but I hope to go back. So basic summary –

Train to Ljubljana

3 nights Ljubljana

Train to Koper

4 nights Koper (visited Izola and Skocjan Caves)

Bus/Train to Bled

3 nights in Bled

Train to Austria.

Thanks for joining me – May the Journey Never End!

7 thoughts on “Travel Itineraries – Slovenia

  1. Some nice photos Andy – you’ve gone to a few places on my list (Lake Bled and the Skocjan Caves). We’ve been to both Lljubljana and Piran, which is like Rovinj but few people know of it…We’re living in Croatia now so we’re hoping to see some of the above over the next little while.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  2. Another slightly out-of-the-way country that I’d love to visit! Really pretty – I like the look of Ljubljana and Lake Bled… both on my “hit list”!

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