A Day to Go – Social Media Connections

Well, it’s that time, almost time to take off! I am leaving tomorrow night just before midnight Melbourne time and flying via Hong Kong to Beijing. It’s odd, the first time I can recall working on the day I leave. But – my packing is sorted, tickets too. I hope! Not much left to do now but get through two days of work and then fly!

I’ll be doing my best to post a couple of times a week, but can’t make any promises. I’m using the same 8 inch Galaxy Tablet for that. I know there are a lot of restrictions in China re: the internet. Facebook, Gmail are blocked. Nevertheless I won’t bother with a VPN. It’s not like I’m there for long – 2 days really.

Then Mongolia. Not really sure of the speeds I’ll be getting there. Who knows, maybe end up posting without photos for the first time in probably a decade. Russia – the east of the country, again not sure what sort of speeds they get there. Will be interesting to see!

I’ll be activating roaming for the first time. I will naturally try not to make many calls, keep it mostly to sms whilst I’m on the road, hopefully avoid a big bill. Once in the UK and France, Japan I expect wifi will be pretty good.

So. I’ll do my best to use my social media. I got into Instagram (yeah I know, late to the party!) in South America last year. You’ll find me at worldjourneys there. Twitter is @WorldJourneys75. And of course you’ll find me on Facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/andystravels/

So please do follow me as I cross from Beijing to Moscow by train! Thanks for reading, and May the Journey Never End!


Seven on Sunday – Things I look forward to on the 2017 Trip!


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