Ghana – Through My Lens

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2006 saw me tackle West Africa for the first time. I had such plans for staying around a month in Ghana, but for some reason I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I was there. I was overwhelmed by the place to be honest, which hasn’t happened to me very often. I stayed less than two weeks and only visited the capital Accra, Cape Coast and Elmina in my short time in Ghana. When I look back at my pictures as always I wish I had taken more, but also I wish I’d stuck it out and visited the middle of the country (there’s a hat museum I am really bummed I didn’t get to) and really got to know Ghana.

Here are some choice snaps I took whilst I was there. Honestly they make the place look very pleasant and if it wasn’t for the oppressive humidity, I probably would have had a completely didn’t set of memories of the place.

accra modern building
Modern building pokes its head out from the Accra trees.
boat making elmina
Boat building, Elmina.
cape coast by night
Cape Coast rooftops at night.
cape coast
Cape Coast from the castle.
elmina boats
Colourful fishing boats, Elmina
Elmina town
Activity at the inlet, Elmina.
football shirts accra
Football tops all the rage, Accra.
girl bubbles accra
Blowing bubbles at the Date Hotel, Accra.
jungle kakum
Suspended walkway, Kakum forest, near Cape Coast.
kwame nkrumah museum
Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Accra.
materials accra market
This lady looked after me for a few hours in the Accra markets where I learnt to play Ludo very badly.
on the water
Pushing the boat out to sea in Cape Coast.
railway accra
A market lines the railway tracks in Accra.
waves on rocks cape coast
Waves crash onto rocks in Cape Coast.
From the bus I was on as we entered Accra
From the bus I was on as we entered Accra
Downtown Accra
Downtown Accra


Well I hope this piqued a little interest into this West African country! Take care, and until next time – May the Journey Never End!


  1. I really like the way you take pictures, mate. You always capture daily life in a very nice way. Ghana is the fascinating photography destination and I hope to make it there one day to take some nice pictures as well!

  2. Great post! I especially love the photos of Elmina..and that very cool shot of the girl blowing bubbles! Traveling through West Africa has been one of my dreams ever since I was a kid in middle school…posts like this really renew that wish 🙂

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