Faces of Myanmar

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Hi there folks!

It’s been ages since I did a ‘Faces of’ post, and as I seem to have my mind presently back 12 months in time to my time in Myanmar, I thought I’d delve into my photos and see what I had from Myanmar. And it seems I have quite a few photos of people! I hope you enjoy today’s post!

fisherman girl with flower

The two above pictures were taken on Inle Lake, one of a fisherman who sought out the boat I was in, the second was in the afternoon and a young girl in a boat pulled up alongside to sell flowers.girls at Mandalay

Two girls dressed up in Mandalay.lady working

A lady works on the  base of the Jade Buddha Temple near Mandalay.long necked girl long necked woman

Long-necked girl and woman at a souvenir store on Inle Lake.
man with puppet

Puppeteer in Nyaungshwe.monk getting water

Young novice monk at a temple in Mandalay.monk in mandalay

A monk who stopped for a chat as I ascended Mandalay Hill.monk on train yangon

Monks on the train in Yangon.monks in line Mandalay

Monks line up for lunch in Mandalay.
people on train

On the train from Thazi to Inle.teacher and kids Mandalay Hill

Teacher and students at the temple at the top of Mandalay Hill.


Thanks for stopping by today, hope you enjoyed these pics! May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “Faces of Myanmar

  1. BBQboy

    I always love your “faces” series. I’m not sure if the monks on the train are happy with having their photo taken though…
    The two photos from Inle lake fantastastic. And kids always make for the best photos, right?
    Frank (bbqboy)

  2. Wonderful pictures – there’s something about photographing local people and local life, that just beats landscapes, and gives you a better look into the culture of a country.

  3. The faces of Myanmar were, for me. some of the most interesting of any country I had been to… especially with so many of the women’s faces decorated in one way or another, either with the turmeric paste (I think?) or those neck rings…

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