Seven on Sunday Doctor Who Planets I’d Like to Visit

For something a little different this Sunday, I thought I’d explore the planets the good Doctor has visited on his travel, and select seven I wouldn’t mind visiting! There certainly have been some amazing planets he’s been to, and so hurry up and create fast space travel so we can all get out there and visit them ASAP!




oh the robes!
oh the robes!

You couldn’t be a Doctor Who fan without wanting to visit the Doctor’s home planet, could you? Although I have to be honest, every time Gallifrey has appeared in Doctor Who it loses some of its allure. At least in modern Doctor Who the entire planet doesn’t appear to only be populated by men – in the first story set on Gallifrey back in the mid-70s, not a single female Gallifreyan or Time Lord. And the capes and hats are rather cool. On the other hand, the Time Lords are a stuck-up slef-righteous lot!


Thoros Beta

Now that's pink!
Now that’s pink!

The home of the Mentors is a strange planet and the Sixth Doctor and Peri on explored one beach and inside some caves where Peri had the brain of the Lord Kiv transplanted into her head. However, it’s an amazing looking world with PINK WATER. The oceans are pink. It’s twin planet Thoros Alpha hangs in the sky as well – with a giant ring around it. Very beautiful. Yes, I’d go there for a selfie on the beach with pink water and Thoros Alpha in the back ground.




The Tenth Doctor visited this stunningly beautiful planet where to explore the surface you need to be in a specially armoured car to protect you from the Tectonic light. If that doesn’t take your fancy, there are so many leisure activities to choose from you couldn’t have a holiday long enough to cover everything.




Maybe I can’t contain my curiosity. Skaro is the home of the Daleks, so I might be crazy going there, but the Dalek city has appeared at least five times in Doctor Who and it would be amazing to see where the Daleks call home. But yes, I’d have to be careful not to be exterminated.


Metebelis Three

Cave of crystals. Better without the spider at a guess.


The Third Doctor’s obsession was to get to Metebelis Three, and he managed it twice. Firstly, in ‘The Green Death’ it appears as a very weird, blue coloured world with many strange creatures in it. In ‘Planet of the Spiders’ it’s changed a bit and is no longer blue apart from the cave of blue crystals, (no doubt the premiere attraction there), it’s ruled by spiders and the humans living there for some reason are all terrible actors. Still, I liked the original image as sort of blue Amazon jungle.




The society of Peladon is a fascinating one. First appearing in ‘The Curse of Peladon’ and then returning in ‘Monster of Peladon’, this is a world that again is a favourite of the Third Doctor (and as yet hasn’t reappeared). Despite entry into the intergalactic Federation, it’s still quite a feudal society. The hair styles are quite interesting, it’d be like stepping back into a real medieval lifestyle. The main palace is built into high cliffs above a chasm with miles and miles of hidden passageways to explore. How bloody awesome!



Well, I’ve started exploring this one, but as the Doctor’s favourite planet, I feel I need to explore it until there’s nothing left to explore. Which I imagine would take me several lifetimes. Which is why I’ll do my darnedest to see as much as I can in this one!


Which ones appeal to you the most? Do comment! And if you’re a Doctor Who fan, are their worlds I haven’t mentioned that you’d fancy meeting? Please do comment! Next post should be up Tuesday – going to another fantasy world, the Shire! May the Journey Never End!

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