Face Lift and Name Change

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Howdy all. A quick Tuesday evening post for you all as time is short and I am working far too much for my own good these days. But you know, with travel dreams in mind. Hoping to get to Sydney for a week later this year and then Octoberish next year, well, South America but that will depend on a range of factors.


andysworldjourneys3 copySo, the long awaited change to a proper domain name has finally occurred! I was checking out options on Word Press, such as Andrew’s World Journeys to see what was available. Then I purchased the upgrade package last night (after a bunch of problems paying, and then I had to pay in Yen even though as far as I can see I changed every part of my profile etc to saying I was now living in Australia. Such is life hey? The issue I may well be stuck with (although I am waiting to see if it can be fixed), is that my site’s new name – ‘Andy’s World Journeys’, doesn’t match the new web address – andrewsworldjourneys dot com. So, I think that’s an issue. I really don’t want the site to be ‘Andrew’s World Journeys’ – well, it’s not that bad but I don’t think it has the same ring of ‘Andy’s’ – what do you think?

I’ve chosen a new theme – a ‘premium’ theme. What do you think? It works a lot better on smart phones I’ve already found, so so far I am happy with that. I think it’s cleaner and it’s allowed me to put more widgets on the side with ‘Top Posts’ and a tag ‘cloud’.

As for content, well at this stage there won’t be any significant changes in that. The City Rumbles will continue, Sunday Spotlight, and Foto Friday along with one or two more posts a week including my retrospective on my first travel blogging experience in West Africa nearly 10 years ago now. So, onwards and upwards, and of course, May the Journey Never End!

andysworldjourneys2 copy


PS – latest news is that my domain name issues are done with! Officially now it is ‘andysworldjourneys dot com’. Yay me!

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  1. Loving the new look! And I think Andy’s world journeys has a nice ring to it too! I’ve been meaning to have a blog makeover too for ages but just need some free time one of these days to get on with it!

    1. Thanks shikka it’s been a long time coming for me also but yet it was basically done in a few hours in the end. The thing I am most happy about is the appearance on smart phones the old theme didn’t work at all.

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