Today marks the 100th year anniversary of the allies landing on the beaches of Gallipoli. Although I don’t normally go in for doing the same thing as every other Australian, 11 years ago I visited the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey as part of my round the world trip, and was taken aback by the place. The people there, the guides, so knowledgeable and kind, warm to the visitors. The stories heard on the tour were moving to the extreme. And the peninsula itself is honestly a hauntingly beautiful place.

On this anniversary I thought I would share with you some of my photos from my visit in 2004. Not too many words today.

May the Journey Never End.

And of course – lest we forget.

gall 1 gall 2 gall 3 gall 4 gall 5 gall 6 gall 7 gall 8 gall 9

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  1. Visiting Gallipoli must have been a very moving experience and certainly a moment of deep reflection.

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