The temples of Chiang Mai


Howdy folks!
Back in Thailand in Chiang Mai as have been most of the past three days. I’ve been a bit struck down with a bad stomach bug since my last evening in Myanmar but finally feeling better and stronger today. For me I always get sick at some point but it’s been pretty crappy. I only really was in bed one day I had flights two of the days I was sick. Yesterday on the mend a bit I took my wife to a shopping centre as there was a Thai-French fusion restaurant there she wanted to try. We ended up seeing a movie in the comfort of ‘ultra class’ with big time air con and blankets. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.



Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Market was pretty good too, with plenty to buy even if much of the stuff can be found anywhere. Some of the crafts were cool too. Then today I saw a few temples. Apparently I didn’t see enough in Myanmar!
Next to each other Wat Pan Tao and Wat ChediLuang may seem like normal temples of the Buddhist faith however behind the second of those is an ancient, huge temple which I honestly nearly missed!


Wat Phra Singh was the only one I needed a ticket for, and was nice I guess.
Wat Chieng Man is supposedly the oldest of all temples in Chiang Mai. I liked it best because it really did have a nice garden and another ancient stupa decorated with stone elephants behind it. These ancient temples date back to around the 12th century.



Well. Strictly speaking one day left before the flying home begins,  although tonight is not done yet – heading off to my first ever Thai boxing soon!
May the journey never end!


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