Preparations – Booking Hotels

Howdy all. Sorry again for a week-long absence from the old blog but I’ve spent all my limited free time in the last week video editing and rendering files and frankly, whew! But the bulk of what I had to do is done now. Before I go even for what is a shortish trip (for me) this time I like to wrap up as much of the things I’ve been putting off as I can.

It’s probably been close to two weeks now since I booked a hotel. Four weeks away and I only have one night that hasn’t been pre-booked. That’s a change for me, I mean usually I’ve just turned up in a place and hoped I could find something decent. In 2011 I had a few booked here and there through the internet, but usually through the guesthouse’s own website. This time I’ve spread my bookings around.

A couple through the website of the place – two of the three Thai hotels for example, also the cheapest places I’m staying. In Myanmar it’s been a combination of Agoda, Booking dot com, hotels dot com and Asiarooms, again dot com. And most of the places are around $35 US for a night. It’s a lot more to be honest than I am used to paying, but I am feeling old now and I want to have air con in that sort of climate and at least have some idea of what the rooms are like from photos. But really, I’ve rarely booked through these kinds of sites before.

So, I worry that hotels won’t have my booking or will change the price. Everything is already printed out so I can wave a piece of paper in the air at the receptionist. LOL. No. I wouldn’t do that. Not in the air at least. 😉

Myanmar is clearly more expensive in hotels than Thailand, and also doesn’t represent great bang for your bang. So that’s what I’ve really been looking for this trip. Pay a little more than normal, but hopefully I can find some gems in this price range that make it worthwhile. A couple of hotels I have booked that I am a little excited about –

Mandalay – A Little Bit of Mandalay Tavern (I used Agoda for this one)

little bit mandalay

Inle Lake – Zawgi Inn (also through Agoda)


I’ve been looking for good scores balanced with the cheap prices. So, this is really a slightly new way to travel for me, being all booked in advance! Wish me luck! Hoepfully these two turn out to be as nice as they appear online!


  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I’ve only ever gone on trips this way with pre-booked hotels etc (too much of a gamble any other way when I’m only travelling in my annual leave!)so welcome to the other side 😀 the Mandalay Bay hotel you’re staying in looks amazing! Would love to travel there one day!

  • Great hotels! I usually used Agoda as well for hotel reservation and sometimes – depends which one has cheaper options 😀 Have a nice trip – sounds exciting!!

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