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Accommodation Review – KP Heritage Haveli, Jodphur

I had extremely good luck whilst in India this year, most of the places I stayed at were really good, and the KP Heritage Haveli in Jodhpur was no exception. In fact, this one was really special as it was a special building, in a busy part of a great city, with exceptional views of the hills and the Jodphur

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Accommodation Rumble – Air BnB versus Hotels

Yes, I’m branching out in my rumbles from cities to, you know, other things. And today I’m looking at accommodation, and yes – I know there are more options out there for places to stay. There’s bnbs, hostels, camping to name a few, but today I am just specifically talking abou Air Bnb and the ol’ staple of the traveler,

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Accommodation Review – Elmwood Hotel, London

When in London in May I stayed for a week in an Air BnB apartment. The final night however, I decided I would try and find a hotel near St Pancras station. This was because the next morning I had to take the Eurostar to Paris. So I looked around for something suitable and not too expensive. And so it

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Accommodation Review – Galapagos

I thought I’d do a quick review of the three hotels I stayed at whilst on the Galapagos Islands. If you’re going there independently there are plenty of accommodation options but you should be warmed that they are pretty pricey all said. There may be the possibility of dorms. I’ll review here by island in order that I stayed. Isla

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Accommodation Review – Hotel Tren Dorado, Riobamba, Ecuador

Riobamba is around four hours by bus from the Ecuadorian capital Quito. The drive is quite impressive at times with the mountains and so on, and Riobamba itself seemed like a nice small city, with a bit of a University vibe. I was there to catch a bus to the Nariz Del Diablo, the Devil’s Nose, a spectacular train ride

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