Getting lost is not always bad – and echidnas!

I made my way this afternoon to Kyabram for a sad occasion – my grandfather passed away last week. Well, he made it to 94 and that’s a life to be celebrated in my book.

On the way up with my wife (thanks to her for some of20141015_161804

Hello! Just crossing the road at his own pace! Great pic by my wife.
Hello! Just crossing the road at his own pace! Great pic by my wife.

echi 1

The countryside was stunning!
The countryside was stunning!
My pics of the second echidna were not so good. He burrowed his head into the ground and hid!
My pics of the second echidna were not so good. He burrowed his head into the ground and hid!

these pics) I missed a turn in Seymour and continued along the Hume Freeway (which connects Melbourne and Sydney) until I realised I was not heading in the right direction. I checked my GPS on my android (Google – fix your rotten GPS!) and took a route across to the freeway we should have been on.

We went through a small town Longwood and found ourselves driving through some really beautiful farmland that this area is famous for. It was still pretty green – give it a month or two and low rain fall and it will be brown, but the best thing was the wildlife – galahs and Cockatoos, and not one but two echidnas ambling slowly across the road. My wife got out to photograph the first one, I the second. Mine immediately dug its head deeply into the ground to hide!

Oh – what’s an echidna? Well, I guess it’s the Australia version of the ant eater. It does eat ants with its long nose, and is covered with spikes to ward off predators. However – it’s extremely cute!


  1. Sorry for the loss of your grandfather. 94 is quite something and defintely worth celebrating his life.

    Things are pretty colourful here in Canada too – at least in my neck of the woods – with the Fall colours in full gear. That too will change soon enough.

    I’ve never heard of an echidna before – kind of looks like a porcupine too. Quite literally just stick their head in the sand when trouble is near eh? Funny little creatures.

    1. Echidnas are special, and not so well known. I dont think i’ve ever seen a porcupine in the flesh. Thanks for your kind words too. Here of course it’s spring and just heating up – going to be a very hot summer I fear.

  2. So sorry for your grandfather… But we all know you won’t ever forget him, so you’ll have him in your precious heart, never further 🙂

  3. My condolences for the lost of your grandfather. 94 years is quite special, I am sure he had good life living throughout different era and generations..
    The echidna is certainly a cute one 🙂

  4. Mate, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather :-(. Me and Cez are sending warmest greetings and our condolences to you and your whole family. If you wanna talk, you know where we are…

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