The Washing Disaster of 2011

passport 5

Hello folks! I was looking through some of my belongings the other day and I found my old passport. The one I used in 2011, until disaster struck!


After spending most of the year travelling, I gave my trousers up to be washed by my host family in Georgia where I was teaching English for three months. It turned out that my passport was in there. I had to return to Tbilisi on a certain date when people from the Australian Embassy in Turkey were visiting to organise an emergency passport. I nearly didn’t make it though when I ended up overnight in hospital in Batumi for food poisoning!

passport 2a

Russia – 2007

passport 3a passport 7a

passport 1a

Kazakhstan & Laos – 2011

passport 6a

Mali in 2007 - I had to post my passport to Japan!

Mali in 2007 – I had to post my passport to Japan!


All was okay in the end. The saddest part was the loss of the stamps and the visas – I love stamps and visas. Well, all the pages fell out and some things faded away. But, much of it was readable. So today I present my proud collection of visas – some of them back to 2007 (Mali and Russia) from this passport which met such a sad fate.

Coming back to Australia, my emergency passport was washed two days after getting home! Seriously. You wouldn’t read about it. Except that you did!


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