Chusonji in Winter

Good evening all. Unless where you are it’s morning or afternoon or just in time for brunch. Just thought I’d quickly blog a few photos for you all taken on Saturday at the local World Heritage Site, Chusonji. I was there at about 4 in the afternoon when the light was a bit dull it must be said. I visited (and blogged about) this place back in the first month of moving to Ichinoseki. In winter there were less people there and all but one temple was closed. Still, it made for a decent walk – the weather THUS FAR has been much milder than last year and as you can see, not a lot of snow about. Which may have added to the photos, but c’est la vie.


Today is a special day in Japan, ‘Setsubun’, where people apparently throw beans at trolls and the winter runs away and hides. Yes, it’s regarded as the first day of spring, laugh out loud, roll on the floor etc etc. I remember from last year when it was sub-zero and snow was everywhere thinking that was a bit early, but today it actually hit around 11 degrees and was warm! Yes, I know Australians, 11 is FREEZING, but after two winters here, well, it ain’t anymore.






Life is rolling along, I will have some information soon about revisiting some of my first ebooks on a new platform for those who are not so Kindle-inclined. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter to –

@WorldJourneys75 where I will mention any free Kindle deals and stuff.

Until next time!

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