Retro Review – Bell Tower Youth Hostel, Xi’an, China

A hostel in a great Chinese city opposite a distinctive bell tower. How does the memory treat it?

Seven on Sunday – Reasons to Visit China in 2016

Well, despite economic issues that are sending rumbles through the world in the first month of 2016, it is probably the best time ever to visit the amazing country of China. With well over a billion souls, history to rival and dwarf most others, natural beauty and more, China is simply a country with it …

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Sunday Spotlight – Xi’an

It being Sunday means it’s time to shine the spotlight on another city. Today we go inland into China to the citadel of Xi’an. Xi’an is a fast growing city and a half, as are many places in modern China. As I came in from the airport (after my delayed and eventful flight on Spring …

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