Egypt 21-Day Itinerary

Perhaps one day we'll have a spare three weeks and be able to travel. And we might travel to Egypt? Who knows? Here's how I would fill a three week Egyptian Itinerary trying not to miss out on any of the essentials!

Sunday Spotlight – Luxor, Egypt

If the pyramids at Giza, near Cairo, and its amazing museum leave you wanting more history, more grandeur, more impressive statues and heck, more columns whilst you’re at it, then when in Egypt, head down to Luxor. A long train ride from Cairo, or a few relaxing and amazing days in a felucca along the …

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Trip of a Life Time – Part 7 – Egypt (continued)

If you search back a month or so you’ll see my report on the train journey southwards to Aswan from Cairo – a seat in an overnight train packed full of families and the like. To wake in the morning (after very little sleep of course – two hours if lucky) and see we were …

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