Review – Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central

Howdy all. Yes time for another review, and this time it’s of the hotel I stayed in recently in August when I made a brief getaway to Sydney. And so I searched online to see if I could find something that was, well, pretty cheap to be honest, and the hotel I landed on was the Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central, a hotel with a name I couldn’t remember no matter how hard I tried!

I booked with Agoda, which is one of my top go-tos for hotels, and I really wanted to keep my price to under $150 a night. So when I found a 3-Star Hotel not too far from the Central Station (which was perfect for me as I was due to leave by train at 740am on the Wednesday and it was a five-minute walk only) in that price range I didn’t think twice – well I looked through the photos – I booked it.

In fact the total booking was for $244 then was just about exactly the price I was hoping to find. So then all was left was to get to Sydney and see how the place measured up. So how was it?

Well, I was pretty happy with it. It’s a 3-Star Hotel, and indeed a short walk from the station which made it pretty easy to find. It’s in a bit of a theatre district, with Moulin Rouge playing at the theatre opposite – the Capitol Theatre. I was tempted to see if I could get a ticket but I don’t think they had shows on Mondays nor Tuesdays.

Check in was simple and pleasant, greeting was friendly and I was soon in the lift up to the fourth floor to find my room. The room was actually a decent size, not too poky for 3 stars and the price, AND there was a bath in the bathroom. And since I mentioned that, I will start there!

The bath was a little small but big enough to actually use. And the water was nice and hot and it was great to have a bath after a long time between baths. The bathroom though was a little worn in places. And the biggest issue I had with the bath was that it was a shower/bath combination was that the taps were down at bath level. I went to fill the bath up and the shower, which I was bending under to reach the taps, and the shower came on strong on my shoulders and head! My suggestion to any hotel with that sort of arrangement is to put the taps up at normal height in a shower. If that is possible. Obviously the spout/outlet needs to remain at bath level.

The room had a safe, an iron, TV, decent desk, twin beds and a view of the Capitol Theatre. It was pretty comfortable, pretty clean but the duvet/doonas again were just put between two white sheets instead of inside a duvet cover which I already complained about (in reference to a different hotel) in a previous review. There was an empty mini-fridge too.

The building and hotel is a bit aged and there are spots here and there which needed a little repair or touch up in the paint work, however all in all this was a great stay for the price and I was pretty happy. And I’d probably stay there again (although I also need to stay at different places to review them lol!) Breakfast was available but I never tried it incidentally. It had a bit of an old school feel about it and I liked the fact that there was still someone at reception after 6pm so that was nice, and the staff were friendly. Very happy with the stay.

Andy’s Ratings :

Value for Money: 4/5

Location: 4/5

Cleanliness: 3/5

Noise: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Total: 18.5/25 [74/100]

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


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