Accommodation Review – The Point, Brisbane

A couple of weeks back, my wife I were holidaying in Queensland. I might have previously mentioned. It included 3 nights in Noosa Heads and one night in Brisbane. It was an interesting city to return as I’ve only been once I think, and that was in 1988 to ‘Expo ‘88’.

That time I was singing in a choir and was billeted out. I don’t really remember much other than it was very hot and we sung in different spots at ‘Expo ‘88’. There were rides and on the last night we backed Kamahl, a singer probably not big with international audiences but he is known for the phrase ‘Why are people so unkind?’ I remember our song list got whittled down to I think just the one song, and that happened on the night. That song was the one we hated the most, naturally, ‘One Hundred Children’.

Still, that’s hardly relevant when it comes to reviewing a hotel! I have to admit – I LOVE a tangent. So much. Too much.

I chose ‘The Point’ in Brisbane because, well, I got a big discount! $165 was the price, including breakfast (yes, another buffet!) which was supposed to be a 40% discount (through I guess my travelling style has well and truly changed when I consider $165 to be good value! I then paid a further $19 to upgrade the room and for a late checkout, and that was, I thought, decent value.

It’s in a pretty nice area at Kangaroo Point. It’s not that far from Southbank nor the centre of town, and it’s five minutes walk or a bit less to a stop for the free ferry that plods along the Brisbane River. We were on the 11th floor of twelve, so the view was excellent and Brisbane is nothing if not a fairly attractive city.

The room was fine. Pretty standard, great sized king bed, reasonably spacious for a capital city, largish TV we never turned on. It seemed a little old. Not like the Radisson Blu of Sydney, where I stayed in June, but nevertheless it was a little worn. Minibar was nice. The staff at reception were very friendly and helpful (eg with information about Brisbane).

The bathroom was clean and had both a bath and a shower (separate entities). It has small white tiles and was nicely appointed, not huge but a very comfortable size.

There is a bar and restaurant – ‘Lambert’s’ – as part of the hotel. The buffet breakfast was included in the price, and it was a great buffet too with all the trimmings. Ooooooh Bacon! We didn’t have a meal in Lambert’s otherwise. It was marketed as quite swish. I constantly got emails on the week leading up suggesting I book a table. Actually I was quite annoyed but that. One would have been fine but I felt like I had one a day for the week before I arrived.

This holiday for me was all about the water – and I tried out the lap pool at The Point. It’s a bit of a curious choice – to have a lap pool. I can only think they thought that would be what fitted in best on the side of the hotel which was long and skinny, but there was no real reason I could see that they couldn’t have put in a sort of peanut shaped pool with a spa or something along those lines. I guess it’s not really a place that sees a lot of families, it’s for people in Brisbane on business or couples. Still, a spa would have been nice.

All in all it was a good place to stay for the price, but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend much more than I did. Would I stay there again? I might, or I might feel tempted to try somewhere else and see what else is available in Brisbane. It would depend on the price, and I wouldn’t pay full price to stay at The Point.

Andy’s Ratings:

Value For Money: 3/5

Location: 4/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Noise: 4/5

Service (inc. amenities): 3/5

TOTAL: 18/25 (72/100)


Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!


One thought on “Accommodation Review – The Point, Brisbane

  1. I love a good tangent too!
    Price seems good to me too in comparison to euro / Irish hotels, but in yen / Japan it actually seems a little expensive. But we’re lucky it is currently easy to find a good hotel at a cheap price here in the Kanto plain. I guess that will change with the rugby world cup next year.

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