Eurovision – Some More Favourites!

Hi everyone. Well, the semifinals are a week away! Today is the second last time this year I’ll be looking back at the world’s greatest song contest, so I thought I would share a few more favourites over the years. This includes a couple of winners, and fair bit of cheese too!

  1. Buck’s Fizz – Making Your Mind Up (UK, 1981)

This toe-tapping number is extremely high on the cheese factor, and being 1981 it seemed to already know where the 80s would go fashion wise with bright colours all the rage! And of course, a gimmick through in as well when the dresses come off to reveal… shorter dresses! This would not be the last time this was done on the Eurovision stage!

2. Vi Maler Byen Rod – Birthe Kjaer (Denmark, 1989)

This also has a gimmick, quite the bizarre one when the conductor suddenly hands over his baton to another and decides to become a backing singer. Roughly translated it means ‘Let’s Paint the Town Red’, and is a strange but enjoyable number. One of my all time favourites.

3. Fly on the Wings of Love – The Olsen Brothers (Denmark, 2000)

This winner is a great song. What else is there to say? Sung by two Danish brothers, boy did it make Denmark happy. If there is one country in Europe other than the UK that truly embraces Eurovision, it has to be Denmark. Yes, more than Sweden!

4. Nananana – Karmen Stavec (Slovenia, 2003)

Slovenia has sadly not fared that well at Eurovision despite a number of good songs. Probably, in all fairness and even considering it is Eurovision, this is NOT a good song. However, when everyone was talking Eurovision in 2003 I web searched it and this was the first song I listened to. I liked it. I don’t know why. In some ways though it is a VERY Eurovision number. It has a toe-tapping element to it and also has Europeans struggling to use English effectively. Unfortunately, it seems mostly winners sing only in English these days which is why most songs are in English. I think 2007 was the last non-English language song to win.

5. Shady Lady – Ani Lorak (Ukraine, 2008)

I mean, how could anyone NOT like this one? (have I put it up before? Extreme laziness prevents me from checking) Does Ani Lorak know what ‘Shady’ means? Who can say? But this is a bit of a showstopper with interesting stage craft and a Ukrainian lady who knows how to belt out a tune.

6. Satellite – Lena (Germany, 2010)

The 2010 winner was from Germany. I’m not sure how many saw this coming. But it’s a great little song. THE END!

Thanks for following my Eurovision ramblings. Next week I present showstopping winners. Amazing winners from Sweden and Austria amongst others! (no more spoilers!) Thanks again – May the Journey Never End!

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