Delhi – Through My Lens

YES! Destination Delhi! My best pictures – that’s what you’re here for today! Regular readers of my blog will know that Delhi is one of my LEAST favourite cities in the world. But to be fair, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of interesting things to photograph there. I’ve been to Delhi in 1999, 2004 and 2018 and so today’s post is a mixture of those three trips. Enjoy!

On my first trip to Delhi I decided to head to the train museum there, which was a lot of fun if you like trains. Or even if you don’t 😉

2018 saw me finally get to visit the Red Fort, a famous spot in Delhi on huge grounds and with plenty of visitors too!

The Paraganj is a bustling bazaar where loads of backpackers stay, and also a place full of shops and places to book travel plans.

Qutab Minar is this minaret in the Qutb Complex, a little way from the centre of Delhi (but well within the city limits) and well worth visiting. These pics from 2004.

Rickshaws are hard work! 2018

Thanks for joining me today. See, Delhi isn’t all bad despite my usual grumblings! Take care -and May the Journey Never End!

10 thoughts on “Delhi – Through My Lens

  1. A lil sad to hear that it’s one of your least favourite cities. 🙈 I’m not the biggest fan of Delhi – but that’s because of the big picture stuff that I face since I live here – the people, pollution, police etc. But I sort of assumed it would be a fun place to visit as a tourist since it’s so rich in Indian history and is a foodie’s paradise. If you ever visit again (post pandemic era) – would love to share some offbeat things that you may have missed visiting. Happy 2021!

  2. It’s extraordinary you’ve visited India three times so far; I’ve yet to see it once! Delhi looks like quite the chaotic, yet fun city, although I’d definitely go with a tour, as I’m not comfortable navigating the crazy streets on my own. Perhaps some day, I’ll make it over! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. 🙂

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