48 Hours and $200 in London!

We fly in early on the first day, and we fly out late on the second day, meaning it’s not really a full ’48 hours’, but it does mean we only need to find a place to stay for a single night, which overall will help keeping the costs down. Thankfully a number of museums can be well priced or even free in the case of the British Museum – and that is certainly one we don’t want to miss! And that’s a good thing, because $200 for accommodation, food, attractions and souvenirs will only go so far. And how far is that ‘so far’? Well, let’s find out!

Itineraries – The United Kingdom

Hi all. Yes, another itinerary for you, to one of my absolute favourite countries in the world. In mental preparation for writing about the UK, I realised that despite four trips to the UK thus far, I really have sold myself short on the UK because there are loads of places I have not yet …

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Cambridge to Paris – More Doctor Who Locations

Hi all. Just a quick Doctor Who-themed post this Friday for you. I was working on my previous Sunday post which was on Cambridge (Sunday Spotlight: Cambridge) and I recalled that one of my main reasons for wanting to visit this gorgeous university town was that it was the location where a Doctor Who story, …

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Sunday Spotlight – Cambridge

Hallo again! Hope your weekend is going well. This Sunday I’m shining the spotlight on a place I visited earlier this year, the quintessential ‘University Town’ – Cambridge. Sure, there’s Boston in the States, or Oxford much closer, but there’s no doubt that for atmosphere, history, alumni and well… the scale of the universities, Cambridge …

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