Adventure to an Uzbek Exclave Surrounded by Kyrgyzstan!

Howdy all, and back onto my Saturday journeys around the globe virtually via other YouTubers who really open up parts of the world that you may not have been to. And to start off 2022 I’m returning to an old favourite in Bald and Bankrupt. Mr Bald is back at it again in an ex-Soviet state, this time Krygystan. It’s a really great video, I haven’t watched his videos for a while but this one is 44 minutes, but watch it all the way through because it kept me keenly interested the whole way through.

He is heading from Karakol across to find a small Uzbek ‘exclave’ – an area that is technically Uzbekistan but totally encircled by Kyrgyzstan – and see what it’s like. He travels for two days or more in winter, driving a hire car (see at the end for what happens to the car, the VERY end of the video). He meets people on the way, he gets stuck in the snow, but will he reach the exclave? Watch to find out!

Thanks for popping by as always! May the Journey Never End!


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