Back Home Safely! [Spoiler Alert!]

Howdy all! This blog finds me home safely after my big adventure from Dhaka to Dakar this year. I’m still a fair way back in regards to sharing photos and also my vlogs, both of which will continue but I’ve been home just over a week I guess when this gets published so I thought I would do a short post on completing a big trip and making it back safely. Sorry if you were hanging on tenterhooks to find out if I indeed made it all the way to Dakar, Senegal, obviously…. I did lol!

In Uch Shariff, Pakistan

I don’t know what to say in this post really. It’s been a hard slog in some respects – over 21600km covered from Dhaka to Dakar in just 90 days – people say three months is a long time but not for such a trip, not at all. 17 countries in there. I’m glad I did it, it’s certainly an accomplishment but I don’t think I would ever try to cover so much in such a small time frame ever again, it’s great as a challenge but it’s not a holiday!

People ask me what my favourite country was and I don’t have an answer for them. It’s the most predictable question I guess, but it’s not something I have spent any time thinking about.

Share Taxi across Mauritania

As for the vlogging, well it’s seen a good boost in views and watch time, and my Facebook group has gained nearly 1000 followers since I left, but as for subscribers it’s been a more modest rise of around 170 overall. The challenge of vlogging as I travelled was an element that I was keen to do, but it does take time way from being there in the moment and fully appreciate where you are.

Break down in Senegal

So, I still have a dozen vlogs to edit, and a few unpublished but uploaded to YouTube as well. As for the blog I will continue sharing the photos and in a few weeks get down to doing some writing about the experiences, reviewing hotels and airlines and all that jazz. Despite the blog taking a backseat not just during the trip but for the year or more before, a backseat as compared to YouTube, its views have been solid if not amazing and I’m pretty happy at the moment with it. I realise I have 3 months worth of comments to respond to, which I will do my best to do in the coming weeks. And get back to reading other travel blogs too.

Thanks for reading the blogs and checking out my videos and pics, it means a lot to me and keep your eyes peeled for more! Eventually a much more detail blog about the trip as a whole will emerge no doubt!

Take care and May the Journey Never End!


14 thoughts on “Back Home Safely! [Spoiler Alert!]

  1. Glad to see you back and to know that all is well. It has certainly been an adventure and an achievement. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in what I’ve seen from the vlogs, maybe future blogs will go into more depth. Worth a read.

  2. Welcome back! Wow, what an adventure: I’ve been following along your journey, and it’s incredible that you’ve practically gone all over the world! And in 90 days, for that matter! Honestly, very inspiring– now I’m thinking of taking a sabbatical from work to travel long-term, although I don’t know if I’ll go that long (nor as many as countries)! 😅

    1. I recommend three months off but not to visit 17 countries unless you love overland adventure as much as I do. When I go away for a long time next time I want to stay in a couple of places for 3 to 4 weeks each thanks for following me through this adventure!

  3. Happy you made it home safe and sound! I do find that getting home after traveling makes me miss and appreciate my home much more, but if I’m there too long then I’ll want to head out again, ha. Anyway, I look forward to the rest of content you have in store for us

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