Unveiling the Lesser-known city of Skopje

Howdy all! Today it’s a brand new vlog for you as I reveal a city that I found quite a few people hadn’t heard of before I went travelling, and that’s the interesting capital of the newly renamed North Macedonia, Skopje. Formerly part of the old Yugoslavia and fighting for statehood for a few hundred years, this little landlocked country is often overlooked by visitors to the region, but I had a pretty good time there, even getting away for a half day trip to the beautiful Matka Lake. Check it out!

Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


4 thoughts on “Unveiling the Lesser-known city of Skopje

  1. I never got around to visiting North Macedonia when I lived in Europe, but given how I loved my time exploring the other Balkan countries, I really want to go there! Perhaps on my next trip back to Europe! Thanks for sharing your epic trip with us, Andy. 🙂

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