Destination of the Month – Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Howdy all and a happy Sunday to everyone out there. It’s the last Sunday of the Month and so it’s time for another ‘Destination of the Month’, and I announce that in September 2022 I have chosen (drumroll………. Oh what, it’s in the blog title? Damn it!) the Island of Pangkor, Malaysia.

Why did I choose it? Well, it’s a great place to visit IMO but for some reason it just popped into my head and I went with it! Life happens that way sometimes! And I think it will be more of a pictorial post this time around as I’s been a long time since I visited and it’s a little relaxing island off the west coast of Malaysia which isn’t jam-packed with sights nor things to do except of course for enjoying the beach and relaxing. And karaoke. But that wasn’t a plus for my personal experience (there was a karaoke joint across the road from my cabin and it was loud ‘til late!

However, as a location to escape life and one that is definitely on the cheaper side, Pangkor is great, being a few hours bus ride from Kuala Lumpur. Doing a little search I see that even today for less than $40USD a night you can a room in some nice looking places, some with pools and air conditioning (you’ll want this it does not cool down over night) and so it’s a great little tropical island that can fit well within a budget.

It was a bit basic back in 2004, but in a good way and the water was lovely and warm and it’s a popular sort of place with locals as well as tourists. Actually, wasn’t that many foreigners there. Beautiful sand on the beach, possible to find a quiet spot here and there, and whilst not the most perfect island and not full of parties with drunk 20 year old backpackers, it really did reward the traveller who just wanted a few days of great warm sun and a chance to unplug a bit. Having said that 18 years is a long time and there has been a fair bit of development on Pangkor since 2004.

One highlight was hiring a scooter for a day and circumnavigating the island. There’s a couple of temples to check out and hand making boats is a pretty incredible craft you can check out. There is a lot of seafood available on the island which I heard was pretty good. A bit more limited if you’re like me and don’t eat seafood, but I was generally happy with chicken fried rice and whatever I could find. Certainly today there would be more options though for likes of me.

So frankly, as winter has officially finished here yet it continues to rain and proper warmer weather seems to still not be keen to surface, somewhere like Pangkor Island sounds very very appealing right now.

Thanks for popping by. Take care wherever you are in the world right now. Have you visited Pangkor? Did you enjoy it? See you next time, and May the Journey Never End!


14 thoughts on “Destination of the Month – Pangkor Island, Malaysia

  1. We lived in Singapore in the late sixties, and one of our family holidays was to Pangkor.
    My father drove, staying overnight in Kuala Lumpur, having left the car at Lumut, we then had a short boat ride to the Island.
    Our accommodation was was a basic wooden hut on the beach, no air con, mozzie nets for some, (my brother was badly bitten overnight!), yet a couple of weeks of heavenly, innocent existence.
    Swimming, playing, drinking coconut milk from those my father hacked down, sailing across to the smaller island to Emerald Bay, and seeing the most enormous monitor lizard, (I thought it was a komodo dragon!)
    The things one remembers from childhood 😊

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