Checking Out Werribee – Mansions, Cliffs and Surprising Beauty!

Howdy all. For those following my YouTube Channel, the last two weeks have seen me present two vlogs I shot back in February I think it was in the western suburb of Melbourne Werribee. Now, here in Melbourne the main thing people seem to think about when you mention ‘Werribee’ is the sewerage plant there – that’s where all the refuse from Melbourne ends up. But the truth is that if you set aside a day to spend in Werribee, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, Watton street is the main the drag and there are loads of places to eat there, including the Bridge Hotel where I ate with Adrian when we were shooting our Werribee vlogs earlier this year. It’s an Art Deco building, which is certainly my favourite style, and there is loads of room inside and the food was really good. I went with a steak naturally and was very impressed, friendly service too.  But aside from the Bridge Hotel, there are loads of options up and down Watton street from Indian to Pizza and beyond! Behind the main strip of shops/Watton street is the Werribee River which is actually surprisingly picturesque and a great place for a little walk.

Werribee is easily reached from the city via a direct train – the Werribee Line is the line you want, and although it’s a 45-minute journey, it’s relatively simple to get there. Remember this is pretty much the Western outer limits of the City of Melbourne.

However, the other attractions you might be tempted to visit are a little further out so a car is certainly advantageous, otherwise it’s Uber or navigating the local bus system. The three things not to miss – the K-Road Cliffs, which I discovered when prepping for my vlog online, the Safari Park and the main attraction which is the Werribee.

I visited the Werribee Safari Park a few years back but it’s an Open Range Zoo with African Safari animals (and a few Australian ones) spread over a large area of land and you take a ride in a sort of open bus and you see all the animals in a much better habitat that a regular zoo. Great for the kids.

The K-Road cliffs are out of town a bit – actually these three things are actually pretty close together – although you still will need transport from one to the other – and it’s around 10 minutes from the centre of Werribee by car. These cliffs are above the Werribee River, which has tall reeds on both sides and the colours are a dark orange at sunset which is the perfect time to visit. You don’t need a super long time at the cliffs but a great scene and a great place for photos.

The Werribee Mansion though, or to be more accurate, the Werribee Park Mansion, on what is just a massive estate – Werribee Park – was built in the late 1800s and it’s hard to know which is more impressive – the mansion or the grounds. Well, it’s probably the grounds just on their sheer size. The stretch for further than the eye can see. The view from the balcony of the mansion is pretty impressive. They are immaculately cared for and curated, with a Rose Garden included. Just off the back there is a horse riding skill, and there’s even a winery as part of the estate too.

The mansion is a beautiful building with so many rooms, beautiful kept in condition for visitors. The adult price is $10.90AUD, so around $8USD although the exchange rate is bouncing around like crazy at the moment. That’s not bad all things considered. There’s a café inside the mansion too but the buildings are also used often for weddings and events with loads of options. There’s a hotel in the newer part of the building as well.

The mansion tour is best summarised by the vlog I shot, but it could easily take up an hour a half or more of your time if it’s something you are really into. The rooms are all set up as they were over a hundred years ago today, the most confronting being the billiard room with the skins of animals on the floor as rugs. But in general the rooms are impressively presented.

It would be a bit of a struggle to get all I’ve mentioned in this post done in one day, but not impossible. Start in the morning at the mansion. Drive back to Werribee for a quick lunch then to the Werribee Open Range Zoo in the afternoon followed by sunset early evening at the K-Road Cliffs. Make sure it’s summer though with daylight savings time!

Thanks for popping by today! Take care wherever you are in the world, and May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “Checking Out Werribee – Mansions, Cliffs and Surprising Beauty!

  1. It is a beautiful house and I particularly like the fact that the rooms are presented in a state similar to what was used at the time. This allows to visualise what daily life was like in the past. Great post!

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